Combat Judo / Streetwise Ju-Jitsu




The best of both worlds!
Take it to the mat or bring it to the street. Either way you might as well learn it from the best!

Mike Swain, four time Olympic Judo Champion/former World Champion and 1996 Olympic Judo Coach will show you what it takes to neutralize even the largest of opponents!

Michael De Pasquale Jr, Ni-Dai Shihan of the Yoshitsune Waza Ju-Jitsu system, multiple-time UFC Judge and America’s top advocate for Street to Ground fighting, will teach you what it takes to go from the classroom to the pavement. These two world renown instructors will show you why exactly it was that Jigoro Kano thought it would be safer if judo was pulled from the hotspot that is Ju Jitsu! They have brought home the ‘prodigal son’ and taught him what he needs to survive!!


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